We are looking for THREE English speaking partners

Clools is a really great tool set. We mean a really great tool set. We have poured all of our technical skills and first-hand experience into making it an essential business tool.

We use it to run our business, and we also have some our of our Italian clients on board.

But we want to take the next step and work with some companies that are outside our cultural/business context.

Could that be you?



Who are our perfect partners?

The people

Small teams of roughly between 5 and 10 people

Team members who are already internet-savvy, possibly with experience of other SaaS platforms (Asana, Podio, Zoho, Salesforce, PipeDrive, Slack, Zendesk, Basecamp .... you get the idea!)

A rough working knowledge of some HTML5 wouldn't hurt any.

Problem identifiers and solvers - we are interested in hearing views about what we can do better and how.

The business

We have a definite preference for business who already are strong on teamwork and require their people to share and not hoard business knowledge.

We are looking for partners interested in working towards a longterm relationship with us.

We need businesses who are capable of conducting communications with us in virtual environments and don't require onsite presence.



Beta is better - access Clools and pay us with feedback

Beta is better!

We have two separate environments to offer. The safety of Zup and the barmy-land of Beta. Zup is short for "zuppa" - that would be a Tuscan soup, with a recipe that has been tried and tested for centuries. It's a pretty safe bet. No real surprises there. And then there is Beta, a little bit "out there" with a some fabulous semi-tested Clools, some great buggy features and multiple words that are still in Italian (just to keep you awake). We are of course exaggerating, it's a 95% fine environment, but we want to make you aware that the odd bump in the night might happen.

We work on Beta, and we are still here!

Communications/marketing/social media agencies

What we need right now are some great communications/marketing/social media agencies, with high performance capabilities, extraordinary teamwork capabilities and serious expectations to give us a hard time on beta. Why communications/marketing/social media agencies? Many of the Clools available now included functions are just perfect for companies running multiple brands, multiple social channels and multiple campaigns.  We want businesses that are going to put our multiple brand management to the test.

We are not rigid about this rule, but we certainly want companies that are going to put our brand tool to the test.

We want feedback

So it really is that simple; we give you Beta Clools in return for some hardcore feedback.  You tell us how many users, (up to 10) and we give you access in return for feedback directly via the Clools platform (we want no random emails, or skype messages - don't mess with our system!). And you get all the access and support you want for 4 months. After which one of two things may happen:

  1. You decide (even at any time during those 4 months) that the initial passion is over but we part best of friends (we plan on that NOT happening).
  2. We both kept to our respective commitments, and we are happy to renew for a further 4 months. We are definitely in LOVE! As long as the love lasts, the Swapsie lasts! It could be a forever thing.

We won't define how much feedback or what kind of feedback (really, that would be kind of silly, like telling you what we want to hear!) but we will say we want to know:

  • what doesn't work
  • what does work but could be better
  • what new/different functions you would like to see
  • what new Clools modules you would like to be created
  • what is a super/amazing function that you didn't expect and love so much
  • what is still in Italian and looks as though it could be sexy/romantic/good-to-eat but isn't user-friendly (yeah, that can happen)

We initially want to welcome just 3 companies to the Clools environment - first come first served!

It's a great way for start-ups to get on board with no outlay of funds.

 If we agree to a Swapsie, it would be really great if you actually use the Clool set. Learning a new tool set takes time and commitment, so don't enter into this lightly! We will offer you all the support you want, but ultimately it comes down to your time and energy

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