Clools is your workflow station, your operational hub, your go-to environment to know what's going on in your company. You can finally find everything in a single place in this ultimate productivity suite.

IF you mean business, then you NEED Clools. Read on to get to know about each of the Clools Modules available.



Now that I mustn't forget!

Store links for later

"Senior moments" can affect anyone of any age, so when during your daily travels on the web you come across an amazing link that you don't want to a) deal with right now and b)lose, zap it straight into bookmarks for later consideration. There is nothing particularly clever or fancy about this function, it's simply a storage facility (accessed by a handy browser booklet) for things that you need to hold on to for a later date. Dip into your Bookmarks and decide what you want to do with them when you have time to focus. Remember however that all Bookmarks are visible to everyone with the Bookmark function - you don't really want to be putting in a link to a site with home remedies for some embarrassing affliction.



Hundreds of companies, each with multiple brands, and each brand with multiple amounts of associated information - how can I keep track?

Manage all brand info

In the same way that a company can have multiple contacts, businesses can have multiple brands. The brand module allows you keep tabs on all brand info via lists that you can build up over time (such as brand values, keywords, hashtags, competitors). You can keep your valuable brand info and knowledge all in a single place, accessible to everyone.

This is of course a fabulous tool for agencies that run marketing and social media on behalf of their clients. But just think for a second, even non-agency businesses at the very least have their own brand/s to manage. If they are on the ball, they will be taking more than a cursory glance at competitor brands too. So that makes it a cool tool for all!

Another great function of Brand Module is that you can list all the brand tools that you use (together with log-on details if necessary) for each brand. So let's say you monitor your site and competitor brand sites for keyword content, you can list the online tool that you use, to make sure your team workers can keep up to speed too.



Multiple campaigns on multiple channels with multiple content. This is my perfect recipe for a huge mix-up.

Create a "big picture" of all past, present and future campaigns

Best described as a campaign manager. Paid and free, Google Adwords, social channels, blog, email ... you are probably running a content based communications campaign somewhere! This deceptively simple tool simply helps you record what you are doing right across the board. If, like us, you run multiple campaigns across multiple channels, keeping the big picture in your head (never mind trying to communicate it to someone else) is practically impossibile. The Campaign Module does not directly manage your campaigns (you still need to access the individual platforms to do that) but by keeping an entry for every single campaign you have running or programmed on Clools, it makes it quickly and easy to discuss and modify current and proposed campaigns with your colleagues.



I really need to talk to the team about this; and I can't move forward until I do

An alternative to the traditional meeting

We don't know about you, but we are not keen on real-time interruptions when we are working (instant messaging, phone calls, or a scary face that suddenly appears from behind your monitor). So the Conflab is where you shove it if it needs to be discussed. It's not a meeting scheduler (one of those is on its way), it's not a task list (that just is a glorified to-do list, no discussion require). It's where you list issues that you need input on via a discussion in order to be able to move forward. Then you simply ensure that your team actually schedules time to consult the Conflab list and to tackle the issues head on, as a team, and record the outcome.



I have so many contacts with a whole range of non-standard different contact info. I need a personalised database to store all that detail.

Store all your contact details in one place, with unlimited space for details

Register unlimited contacts, each one with unlimited fields for contact info (emails, phones etc). Associate individuals (plus their contact details with the companies) Our system permits a single person to be associated with more than just one business (as often happens in life). You can add notes associated with contacts directly via your browser booklet, making sure your team is up to date on just what is happening.



Contracts (proposals/open/closed) are our company's oxygen, ensuring that we have a future; we need to be able to manage them.

Manage your closed and open contracts, plus your proposals.

In our Contract Module you can create contracts with all the usual features (accepted/not accepted, expiry date for acceptance etc.). You can also assign a value to the contract according to how interested your company is in closing the deal, or how enthusiastic the client is to close. Filters allow you to keep on eye on open deals that need to be pushed in the right direction.



What have the team been up to this week?

Keep a check on who is up to speed on what, and who isn't!

Events give you a simple list of all activities across multiple modules that have taken place on the Clools platform in reverse chronological order. A great way to bring yourself up to speed with what is going on in the company.



Okay, so let me just say this one more time...

A place to store a list of "how to" instructions accessible to all

How many company activities involve following a list of instructions? A lot, is generally the correct answer. And each time we need to get a new team member up to speed, we repeat ourselves all over again. Sometimes we are not even very coherent in what we say to one person or another, mixing up steps or even leaving out steps. Enter the Instructions Module which allows you to list single instructions ("how to create a blog post", " to wirte a sales presentation email", "how to turn on the aircon" - whatever!). The "attach" function allows you to hook up the instruction entry  with a detailed description of the entire process to be followed. No-one ever needs to be unsure about what to do.



We have specfic requirements for our invoicing, plus we need to be able to produce the invoice quickly and simply

Invoice generation and payments management

Hopefully after all your hard work (or even maybe before you being the hard work phase) someone is going to pay you, so an invoice will need to issued. Our invoicing system pulls data from Client and Contract Modules to generate the invoice, using a template to organise the data into an invoice. Invoicing requirements (VAT levels, required data, additional taxes etc) vary according to country, and of course according to company type (sole trader versus a limited liability company for example). We are happy to develop the template and necessary data fields required for your specific country and company type at no charge.



Ok, I know, my memory is shot to pieces?

Grab ideas as they happen and store them for later examination

Whether it's the carton of milk you need to pick up tonight, or some brilliant idea you had for a brand new product that will be earning the company millions in the short term, if you are in the middle of thinking about something else important, capture that thought on memo, and deal with it later. Sometimes we find that we might grab some text from a virtual chat that we want to dedicate some attention to later on, or simply write ourselves a "remember to" note. Once again, you want to remember that everyone else on the team who has access the Memo Module can read your entries, so maybe skip on the "pick up vodka and beer on the way home" memos!



I need to ensure that I am up to speed with my project management and hitting deadlines

Setting goals and making sure you respect them

For each project you can set up just as many milestones as you need. For each milestone you can define your goal and the metrics involved, just to make sure that everyone is on the same page and rowing in the same direction.



We should talk about that on our social channels some time really

Plan content, and plan content distribution

Making sure that your business is creating conversation around your products and brands, starts with you kicking off that conversation. Plan just what you are going to say and where you are going to say it (which channel) and ensure that your editorial content is on track, on time and hitting the right spot.



Many tasks are not stand alone activities; lots are associated with larger macro-tasks

Organise larger activities into specific projects

We know that you know what projects are too! Big activities, longer term that will involve a bunch of people and a whole load of tasks. Again filters will help you keep things under control.



For some processes I need to ensure that every single step is followed without fail

Create step-by-step procedures with tick-off activities

Procedure Module allows you to create a "tick off" list of steps to be accomplished in order to correctly carry out a specific task. Let's explain that better. You firstly create a procedure model, for example if you have a new member of staff joining the team, all the various steps that need to be carried out before they can kick off at actually working (for example, getting a swipe card, a name badge, health and safety training, office layout and emergency exit knowledge, meeting new colleagues etc.). A "new team member" procedure is created that can be completed for each single new team member. Notes can be input at each step, to show what was done, when and how.

For many companies, ISO and other certifications require that specific procedures be followed. So the Procedure Module also allows you to have a track record of procedural compliance.



Who said what? And what are we doing to do with that information now we have it?

Record everything that is said about your business/brands products and then use that content

So we are going to make a big assumption here. Our assumption is that you "listen" to the web; whether the conversation is about your CEO, your company, your brands or your products, you are listening. And we are also going to assume that you find some good stuff, some indifferent stuff and some bad stuff (no-one is perfect, asked United Airlines!).

Our Reputation Module gives you a place to firstly store and secondarily, manage all the links that you find that some way relate to your business activity. Add links, associate them (if necessary) with a brand, assign sentiment, (agencies: you can add comments for your clients too) and define a "send list" for those who need to receive notifications about the links that have been found. You can also send those link via tasks to be dealt with (ie positive comments can become content for social media channels etc).



I can't find that really important task I need to see

A tool to help you refine your searches even further

On each of the Clools modules we have a whole load of search filters to help you find what you need really fast. But just in case there are any others that we didn't think of, or that are specific to your company/industry you can use personalised tags to help things show up a whole load faster.



I have so many things to do; great long lists of "to-dos" - how on earth do I even begin to prioritise?

Your task manager - a rather more sophisticated to-do list

We know that you know what tasks are! You assign them to yourself, you assign them to other people and (this is the bad news) other people assign them to you. A whole bunch of cool filters allows you to sort out just how you want to view what needs doing in a way that is efficient and productive for you. Switch between viewing your tasks on a calendar, or in a list.