Being a Clools intern – the good, the bad and the ugly!

It should be pointed out that the vast majority of the aspects of being a Clools intern are very, very good 🙂

Location, location, location

Florence, Tuscany, Italy. The land of espresso, gelato, and vino. Things really don’t get much better than that.

Some interns may actually be located in Florence Italy and some in their home countries. If you are going to be in this amazing city, you might like to read some insider hints about what to expect!

We’ve even had some interns continue working once they left Florence and went home! We like to think we help them get over the reverse blues!

About Clools

Clools is the nifty little name that we came up with because cloud tools is just so boring. Clools are business tools that live with us on the cloud.

Clools are modular and integrated cloud business packages, purchasable independently but fully capable of cross-modular data flow, which are located virtually and therefore fully accessible via any device with an internet connection. We fully expect that at this point you have no idea what we are talking about, and that’s just fine. As a Clools intern you will be using the various Clools modules to manage your working day. You will get on first name terms very quickly.

Being a Clools intern, you’ll work acquire the following technical skills:

  • Social Media Management of various Clools channels
  • Social Marketing Skills of the Clools products
  • Website Text Development (for the Clools website)
  • Blog posts (for the Clools website)
  • Debugging of the Clools modules

and should pick up a few life skills too:

  • Cloud Computing– How to work with people efficiently that you can’t actually see and you may never actually meet.
  • Time Management– Because there isn’t anyone hovering over you making sure you do your, work it is up to you to make sure what needs to get done gets done. You will have multiple projects with deadlines and some of those deadlines could be very close together. It will be up to you to prioritize daily what needs to be done first. Generally, it will be up to you when to do things as long as they get done by the necessary date.
  • Living Responsibly – We here at Clools like to think we’re an understanding bunch. We understand you’re here for more than just work and that all work and no play makes for a dull intern. We understand that you want to eat and drink and travel and have an amazing time to brag to your friends about. We understand that this can be hard and the homesickness can take its toll (our first Clools intern had it pretty bad) and we understand that personal situations arise. We need you understand is that we’re a business and our clients expect us to keep working despite what is happening to you, and sometimes us! (with the exception of extenuating circumstances). But we also want you to understand that we are here to help you with the difficult times. We aren’t your parents and we can’t (and don’t want to!) control you, so the most we’ll do about that hangover is maybe laugh at you but make you get on with your work anyway, but we can do more about the other stuff as long as you speak up. Homesickness? We’ve had it. Difficult stuff back home? We’ve dealt with that too. We’re more than willing to help so long as you’re willing to accept help and follow through. The gist of what we’re saying is, you will learn how to balance your personal lives and problems with your professional one. And that is a life skill that will be useful for ever and ever!

As an intern you’ll have primary tasks, some of which should be done everyday and some you’ll schedule for yourselves. The three main areas you’ll work in are:

    • Social Media: Facebook, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and lots more – we create content, we post, we monitor, we reply – we do everything!
    • Blogging: we create content, post it, and diffuse it.
    • Auxiliary Projects: Clools will inevitably have a number of on-going projects active, so you can expect to work on these too.

The inside scoop

While Clools is fairly new to having interns (our first was an American in the fall of 2015), exout (a brand owned by the Clools mother company) has been working with interns for 6 years now; Italians from local schools and English-speaking students from across the globe.

Our interns have all made mistakes and lived to tell the tale. Some have eaten enormous meals and too much gelato then worked in a carb-induced haze. Most were perplexed about our working methods on their first day and found that a virtual existence and life on the cloud was so normal by day four. Some learned to use the local transport and experienced the sense of triumph that comes along with making it on time to a meeting. Some tasted real coffee for the first time standing in a five-star hotel and some tried an after-dinner limoncello (in the name of cultural integration). Regardless of their unique experiences, all quickly learned that on the specially dedicated English chat for interns it was actually possible to spit tea all over your computer from laughter whilst having a work conversation with people you couldn’t see and had never met. Some have even stayed on after their time was up (we’re a mad bunch and we suppose it rubs off).

Have you ever wanted to live on a cloud?

We thought you’d say yes, so you’re in luck! Clools lives on a cloud, so therefore you will too. And life on the cloud is good. No paper, no fax machines, no staplers, no coffee breaks. Ah, nix that last one. We take way too many coffee/tea/snack breaks. We work entirely online – we use chats and collaborative tools. We nearly never lose anything (just momentarily misplace it) and we can be incredibly flexible with our hours. Plus all we need to “be in the office” is a device (pc, mac, smart phone, tablet) and an internet connection.

The cloud scares most interns to death. Our first Clools intern didn’t even understand what it was until she wrote a blog about it (read it; it’ll be good for you). Once our interns make friends with the cloud, it mostly changes their lives forever. Our first Clools girl grew to love the cloud quite a lot, and just like a previous intern, she didn’t understand why no one had told her about it before, especially her university.

Are the stars aligned for us?

What you need to have in order to be able to work with us:

  • a device (pc, mac, chromebook or similar)
  • a wifi connection (even a slow one, the first Clools intern can tell you all about Italian wifi, Italy has still got some work to do in that area…)
  • a work space (your bedroom, your kitchen table, a bar with free wifi and good cappuccinos, your school library – we don’t mind where you work as long as it works for you)

The right time and place

  • You must be able to dedicate a minimum of 25 hours a week to the job, divided mostly however you like.
  • You must have a known start date and a known finish date (typically at least 8 weeks apart, but no more than 16 weeks).
  • We do not expect an intern to be with us for more than four months as we are not looking for free labour, but for a fair exchange.
  • It’s a small world when you live on the cloud. We are open to working with interns on study abroad programs that bring them to Florence (that’s great as we get to meet for coffee and gelato!), but also to working with people located in their home cities right across the globe. We simply need to coordinate some quality online time together and we can make it work!

Who you need to be

  • We have no particular age/position requirement, but generally we like students looking to invest time in learning an invaluable and easily marketable skill.
  • Happy and lighthearted. We live on a happy, sometimes (usually) sassy cloud. We like sarcasm, harmless insults, and fairly tasteless jokes. Being able to making fun of yourself never hurts either. Our first Clools girl loved making fun of herself being #Murican.
  • Independent. You will always have a set tasks that you can do by yourself, but if you have some downtime whilst we are coping with a world-scale social disaster and cannot talk to you, we expect you to manage yourself sensibly and responsibly. Also, don’t be afraid to ask if you aren’t sure what to do. It’s better that you ask than you sitting there twiddling your thumbs.
  • Be prepared to take on things that scare you just a little (or a lot). We won’t ever allow you to make any really big mistakes that take down the company (our first Clools intern was very scared of that at first). If mistakes do happen they are our fault and not yours, but we love interns who manage to give it a go now matter how badly they’re shaking.
  • Patience and understanding. Sometimes we can’t get to your question right away or we won’t publish your blog as soon as it’s finished. It’s a busy, chaotic life we live, but we promise we’ll get to it. Unless it’s a life or death, apocalyptic disaster, give us time.
  • We like people who are prepared to challenge what we think, what we say and what we do, and ask a million questions. That’s what we get out of this deal; we will teach you a lot, but we want you to make us think and reflect on what we do every day

What we want of you

  • Excellent written English
  • High level of self-motivation
  • Maturity – no one will be looking over your shoulder, we expect people to be responsible and sensible
  • Good online availability – in addition to the “office hours” you’ll work, we also need to be able to reach you easily in case of a problem. We need people who check their Facebook messages, emails, Whatsapp messages, etc regularly.

What skills will you come away with?

  • Knowledge of collaborative tools and how to use them efficiently
  • Time management – organizing your time is a key component  of working efficiently
  • A good working knowledge of social media for businesses
  • Written communications skills
  • British spelling, less “yays” and more “hoorays” (just ask first Clools intern; she wrote a little post about becoming more British; she even said “to-mah-to” once!)
  • This isn’t so much a skill, but you can also expect to gain at least 5 kilos whilst working for us if you are located in Florence. Pasta and gelato are brain foods and we need to consume a lot of brain foods to function. Oh, and caffeine.

How do you apply?

If you are interested, drop us a virtual line via the form below (even if you are not actually applying but only asking a question or 10).


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