Homesickness is a very real thing. Most of our interns experience it, some worse than others. But what many people don’t think about is what we call the “reverse blues.” Most of our interns, even the really sad ones, tend to overcome their homesickness and embrace Italy. So, by the end of their experience the land they once desperately wanted to leave now feels like the home they longed for.

However, and unfortunately, the Italian dream cannot last and our interns have to go home. Enter the reverse blues. Most people expect their homecoming to be a grand, emotional, joyous experience, and it is at first, until the euphoria wears off or one’s expectations aren’t met. Your dogs aren’t super excited to see you, your childhood house no longer feels like home, and the town and people you left now seem a tad underwhelming after everything you’ve experienced abroad. Have no fear; this is perfectly normal and it will go away.

Overcoming the reverse blues is essentially the same as overcoming homesickness, only now you’re in a familiar area, so one could argue it will be easier. You have to immerse yourself in your setting, just like everyone told you to do in Italy. Go to your favorite restaurants, shop at the stores you missed, eat the foods you didn’t have. Do the same things with the same people just as you did before you left. You have to remind yourself why you missed this place so much. There’s no denying there are loads of things about Italy that are better than your hometown; better wine and prosecco, ease of travel, etc, but you have to focus on the good parts of being home. You speak the language, no more walking in the wind and rain, a big washing machine and a dryer!

As magical as Italy is, there’s really no place like home. The places you know, the people you love, and everything that made you who you are. Italy will always be there, beautiful, strong, and proud. Everyone always says don’t waste your abroad opportunity thinking about home. Well, we’re here to say don’t waste time dreaming about Italy when you could be out making new memories at home. Italy’s just a plane ride away.