Hello and greetings! We know where you came from!

You have clicked through on a link from our Clools Demo environment.

Perhaps you clicked on a link that would normally take you to

  • a website
  • a social media channel
  • a file/document/spreadsheet
  • a web article
  • or even somewhere else that is linkable

All our demo data is fake and so we don’t really have those pages available. So we brought you through here to show what’s what happens when you click on linked text, or the link arrow.


It was great to see you here. Now you can either pop back in to Clools Demo and get to know this great tool even better, or you could even fire a question in our direction. For those who are keen on Italian culture and lifestyle  rather than our software, well, there’s even something for you

We hope that shortly you will be joining the Clools crowd on your own real platform, where you can put in real links that take you to real places!

Have a nice day!