Lorenzo Sali

Clools programmer.

Big on logic, small on idle conversation.

Chief virtual problem solver for anything you can possibly think of.

Lorenzo is definitely a "big picture" person and tailors solutions that consider the whole and not just the part.

Coffee is his poison of choice

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Donata Landini

Accounts and administration

Keeping up the Italian burocracy is not for the faint-hearted! But Donata has is under control.

Donata's head is international, but her heart is all Florentine.

Salads, that sometimes weigh in a several kilos, are her primary food group and what keep her going when things get tough.

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Suzi Jenkins

Marketing, communications, social media manager and copywriter, manages the web site and keeps the interns awake.

Absolutely in need of a great productivity suite to keep life under control.

A Brit who has chosen Florence as her adoptive city.

Fueled by Florentine gelato and wine. Not necessarily together. Although that can be good too.

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All about Clools

Clools began life as our own attempt to create exactly the management platform that we needed for managing our own business. Endless switching between programmes, platforms and documents, plus trying to remember where each piece of company info was kept where was a major motivator for us.

Clools is modularly designed to potentially manage every single aspect of day-to-day business management.

It began as our pratical solution to becoming more productive and efficient. Now it can be yours too.



2008 Dapros srl opened in Prato Italy by friends and freelance consultant Lorenzo, Donata and Suzi, creating the brands exout, Social Media per Aziende and Skill2Day

2010 We began to develop an internal software to manage our own day to day running of the business

2012 We moved the emryonic software (mostly a simple client database with invoicing functions) to a cloud environment

2013 We continued to add modules directly based on our own needs

2014 Dapros formally envisioned Clools, a commercial version of our own software and began building modules with a wider client database in mind

2015 We began initiating our own Italian clients onto various limited areas of the software to get feedback, and continued development

2016 We added further Italian clients of ours, and created various new modules according to their requirements

2017 The website was upgraded, manuals created for each single module of the platform

Today We are ready to take on our initial 3 English-speaking clients to futher test our platform