Managing work is tough.

Have you ever made a list but lost the notebook or been forced to complete a whole project all by yourself last minute because your teammates are bad at managing their work? Why is work management difficult?

Admit it, these scenarios happens to everyone no matter what kinds of tasks you and your team are dealing with.
This article will tell you about simple steps regards work management to ensure no task is completed twice and no task is forgotten.

How to manage your work?

  1. Creating Focus: first, ensure task goals and objectives are clear. Then keep your work space clean and tidy.
  2. Keep a consolidated time table: creating to-do list and a truly manageable schedule day by day till work project deliverable. Set up a time frame and deadlines for important jobs. Procrastination has definite negative effect on work management (look to the next step to create your own method to avoid procrastination). For example, share your working process with your team,  let your team motivate you to stay on your schedule.
  3. Eliminate distractions: “One study showed that about two thirds of workers waste at least a little time on websites not related to their work every day.” Most browsers allow you to download free productivity aids that blocks problem websites. Search for “website blocker” or “productivity aid” at your browser’s extension store.
  4. Take breaks: break your responsibilities into manageable pieces. It is important to stop and check the task is moving along with your schedule. Kill Points is the term for breaks in the middle of a project. It provides you time to analyse on potential fallback and helps you adopt a suitable working speed.  
  5. Keep a positive vibe:  Try to keep high spirits and be confident in your work management skills. In fact, if your task allows, try refreshing your work environment a bit. Go to lunch with your coworkers. Motivate yourself to work for a good reason. Cross off completed tasks. It will not only provides satisfaction of seeing progression but also helps manage tasks.

Clools the work management tool 

  1. Break down tasks and share information with your teammates. Not to mention you will be able to assign tasks and communication with your team effectively in a cloud sharing environment. Every edit will be saved. 
  2. Up to date with schedules and due dates! Every tasks has a timetable and instruction allows link/attachment/comments.
  3. Clean and simple working environment! Similarly Clools system offers managing large amount work tasks in a simple platform.
  4. Contact and access all project information! Phone book system to chose teams to work with. Knowing project scope.  
  5. Communication! In the comment section user can create “dialogue” to discuss and manage work process. Additionally, Clools has return to sender option on tasks so the sender can also join to help the task.
  6. No lost tasks!  Users can archive tasks and still be able to recover them when they need to use them in the future.


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