One of words that accurately sums up the philosophy of the Clools productivity suite is “inclusive“. We can’t say enough times that Clools is for teams and not individuals. The Clools platform is for knowledge sharers and not hoarders. And finally Clools is for all team members and not just the bigwigs high up in the company hierachy. Clools is for people who want to be able to independently access all kinds of company info, and not for people who get other people to find their info for them.

Which brings us to the Powwow module 

Each of our modules within Clools has a name. Of most of the names (logically) describe just what that module does. So we have Tasks for task management, and Reputation for reputation management, and unsurprisingly, Projects for projects management. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

We do however have one module with a rather “out there” name. It’s for a particular business activity that we strongly believe in. We find it a highly efficient tool, and used in combination with the other modules it allows us to eliminate hours spent in dreaded “meetings”.

Powwow Module

We called is the Powwow module. It’s our anti-meeting device!

Our business philosophy dictates that no-one should ever have to talk to anyone about on-going activities (tasks, projects, anything) UNLESS there is a specific reason to consult other team members in order to obtain a specific result that will allow the activity to move forward. That’s it.

  • Bringing people up to speed on what you are doing is not a reason (we think) to have a meeting (they can check it all out on Clools – Tasks, Projects, Milestones, Reputation, in lots of places)
  • Informing people via a meeting is a hugely expensive way to get some information or data across (check it out on Clools, it’s all there ready and waiting for you)
  • Assigning work to team members (Tasks on Clools does just that)

And anyway meetings are inefficient, boring and always run over time.

We don’t like them.

Hence the Powwow. It’s designed as a list of topics that require input, debate, brainstorming etc with other team members. We Powwow once a week for 30 mins max (via Google Hangouts, we are a very virtual bunch). We start with a list of topics, and is each one is closed it is commented on and archived, or it might become a task for someone to follow up on. It’s dead efficient. Oh and no-one write memos, we just add a comment to each topic saying what the outcome was, and there it is, for ever and ever.

So why are we in a pickle?

Powwow. Pow Wow.

Definition of a pow wow

We were advised by some friends that it possibly wasn’t the greatest choice of word, especially for a product aimed at the North American market. Real Pow Wows take months and sometimes a year to prepare. They are festive occasions. They are highly orchestrated events. The involve dancing, drums and flamboyant costumes. Not like our pow wows are all (they actually sound way more exciting).

So in order to avoid unintentionally giving offence, or distorting/diminishing the real meaning of what Pow Wow significes, we are changing the name of the module. It’s functionality remains unaltered.

Powwow => Confab

Thus the Confab module is born. We checked this one out right away (once bitten etc etc)

Definition of conflab

So the origins of this word lie in the Latin language. We are Italian, so basically it’s ours. We can’t possibly be offending anyone.

As for the second definition of “confabulate” – anyone who has worked in any business anywhere, know that , yes, that too can happen.

We now announce this module to be called the Confab Module. Hip hip hurrah!

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