liquid productivity for businesses

We strongly believe in liquids here at Clools. Copious amounts of our homegrown varieties of course (namely wine and coffee). But we like an abundance of liquid solutions right across all of our work functions. And we don’t meet like this (although like in the best of businesses, that sometimes happens too …).

Liquid on keyboard
Not the best kind of liquid organisation

What does liquid productivity actually mean?

We mean doing away with defined order and embracing controlled chaos and enhanced flexibility. Our liquid work environment allows us to do away with almost most of the recognised standards of an organised work environment . It also allows us to make huge and complex requests to that work environment that a more rigid and inflexible structure would simply not be able to accommodate. Liquid productivity can arise both from a business ethos and management style, and from tools that support liquidity. Clools, a productivity suite,  is one of those tools.

Let’s think about a simple tool such as tasks. Clools Task Module allows you to create a whole create list of tasks with all the usual standard fields that would be found in just about any task manager.

Liquid productivity
Liquid productivity for tasks

But with liquid productivity we go one step further. We allow you to associate that task with multiple other Clools modules (if your administrator has activated those modules for your organisation).

Liquid productivity tasks
Liquid tasks can be associated with other business functions

That means that not only will the task show up in the task list, but it will also turn up, like a bad penny, when you are cruising through other business modules with which it is associated. That is dead useful.

And there is more!

Liquid filters

So your task could be associated with, for example, a project and a campaign. Rather than living in a dusty store cupboard waiting for you to come along and discover it, the task will show up if you are looking at the relevant project or campaign, and of course, if you are checking out your tasks. It doesn’t live in a single place. It lives in as many places as you like. It’s liquid!

In order to search for the task (if you need to do that) you have a whole range of handy filters:

Liquid filters

Sort by

  • completed/uncompleted/all tasks
  • who the task was assigned to
  • who the task manager is
  • contract (if the task is associated to one)
  • milestone or project (if the task is associated with one)
  • tag (a random field that you can use as you please!)
  • due date
  • task title
  • date of creation

And if you create yourself a perfect viewing window that allows you see exactly what you want to see each morning when you start work, just save the view!

On the down side?

Well, it does mean you will never ever be able to say “I didn’t see it” or “I couldn’t find it” ever again. Sorry about that.

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