Out of chaos …

The 2017 buzz word is hub. We are all familiar with a typical business situation of having too many tools to comfortably handle. With the explosion of SaaS solutions, which makes some really great functions available at very affordable prices to all kinds of companies, we all became a software junkies and happily signed up to anything that would solve an immediate problem.

The resulting chaos is a company having a range of tools (online and offline) to cope with day-to-day operations, none of which actually speak to each other, all of which require seperate log-in details, and each one of which needs to approached on an individual basis.

Functions covered by such tools include …

  • Contact management
  • CRM
  • Contract management
  • Project management
  • Contract management and invoicing
  • Campaign management
  • Sharing business info
  • Brand management
  • Content management and publication scheduling
  • Procedure and instruction management

… to name but a few!

Typically all these functions are covered by a super mish-mash of online (locally installed and cloud)  and offline tools; Word and Excel docs, A4s pinned to a notice board, SaaS solutions, purchased software, team members’ memories (when available and fully-functioning) and possibly even some post-it notes stuck around the edge of a screen.

… Comes the hub

Clools is a single hub for everything.

All major general business functions all under a single roof. And they all speak to each other.

And all business data generated by the hub is all in a single place too.

In short you can think of it as your enterprise data hub.

You think it sounds to good to be true? Test it out right now free of charge, and you can decide for yourself.


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