This is the super dream of every boss! Less time spent chit-chatting and more spent on improving the bottom line! And of course, we agree.

These are some of the classic situations that drive us insane.

You are at your desk with your head wrapped around the closing sales figures for the current month. You are just beginning to see light about how to explain and justify a 10% drop in sales to your boss. After two straight hours of fighting with the numbers, John pops his head around the door. “Sorry don’t mean to disturb you, but do you know when the issue about new office desks will be discussed?” As you raise your head, every single idea and thought that you had developed over the last two hours simply melts into nothingness.

Betty sends you instant messages hourly plus at least 3 emails per day. It’s always the same question; if anyone is talking on the internet about the company’s new launch of self-renewing perfumed  candles. And each time you reply in the affirmative, she then gushes “Ooohhh how exciting, let’s tell the boss/put if on Facebook/inform Production”.

Fiona always irritatingly asks you if you could just remind her yet again just how to layout her blog post. What font, what sized titles, and what colour the text? And you know she will be back again tomorrow with the same question.

Enter Clools.

Catch John unawares before he even opens his mouth with a rat-a-tat-tat “Clools Powwow John.”

Cut Betty short with auto-replies that state “Clools Reputation Betty,”

Shut Fiona up forever with a “Clools Instructions Fiona.”

Let’s say that another way. Simply oodles of office hours are unintentionally wasted by plain and simple bad organisation and poor tool efficiency.

Clools, IF you use it as we intended, (and believe us, we know that is a big IF) will keep all your business info in one place and make it all accessible to all those who need it, now. It requires discipline to use it, but the rewards in terms of increased work production and time gained are well worth  it. Learn to bite your tongue (literally or virtually – whichever is your vice) and check the Clools environment for the answers to your questions. Then make sure that the answers to questions that others may have for you are all trackable in a single environment, will free you up so much time that you will be able to take Fridays off!

Jusitalian coffeet joking. You know that is not going to happen.

But whilst we do believe that less office time should be wasted on the transfer of business information that should be documented and readily available to those who need it in real-time, we also think that the time saved can be usefully employed still within the business environment.

There is nothing wrong with time spent sipping fragrant Italian coffee whilst having a creative brainstorming session over upcoming projects with your colleagues. That is the kind of chatting that should be going on in every single business we think! Caffeine-fired productivity is probably one of the best kinds there is available!


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