Clools is not a task manager.

Clools is not a project manager.

Clools is not a bookmark tool.

Clools is not a CRM.

Clools is not a memo tool.

Clools is not an ERP.

Clools is not an editorial publishing programmer.

Clools is not a company/brand manager.

Clools is not a brand reputation monitoring tool.

Clools is not a meeting manager.

Clools is not a social media campaign management tool.

Clools is not a business contract manager.

Clools is not an espresso coffee machine.

Clools cannot make wine.

Clools is not an on-line Tuscan chef.

Clools however can manage tasks, manage projects, manage tools, be a CRM, manage memos, be a ERP, programme your editorial output, manage company and brand information, be a brand reputation monitoring tool, manage your meetings AND manage your contracts.

Clools is a global business tool, not specifically dedicated to a single business activity, but currently able to encompass 9/10 business activities, and if we knew what you needed, we could build those extra modules too.

Clools can potentially, via the development of specific modules based on your requests, do a whole load of other things. For example, it could manage staff timetables and vacation time.  It could hold a warehouse full of products. It could have price lists. It can do just about anything you want.

It can’t make coffee. And it can’t cook fabulous Tuscan food. Nor does it give issue to a fine glass of Chianti wine.  And it never will. But we will enjoy those on your behalf. Just trust us.

what is clools
Italians do it better!


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