We talk a lot about the future of work here at Clools. It’s a hot topic and one in which we feel we can have an authoritative voice. We are a fully fledged cloud company since 2010 (in Italy for goodness sake!), and work virtually all day every day. It’s our normal, and we love it. We feel one step ahead in terms of virtual working.

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“Work” is changing rapidly all around us.  Skills, the relevance of specific experience, learning capabilities and mental and physical flexibility are key ingredients for the future. Let’s look at that more closely.

Permanence is out, flux is in

There are so many ways in which constance and permanence are changing in the work world:

  • gone are the times when an employment contract with a company was for life; the world is moving progressively closer to a gig economy.
  • keeping the same position within a company for an unlimited or even lengthy amount of time is also going by the way: less hierarchical and less role-structured businesses will seek a specific competence for the time that they need it, and then let it go, however nice the person!

What are the skills that you are going to need in this giggy world that the gig economy will bring us?

Personal organisation

No-one is going to run your life except you. Knowing when your contracts, start and end, juggling multiple gigs on the go at the same time, knowing when to say yes and when to say no, managing your work/family life balance will all be of paramount importance.

An supersonic eye on cash flow

There are months when you will be swimming in an ocean of cash, and months when your bank account will look as dry as the Sahara Desert. Learning how to handle your ins an outs will become a priority. Also bear in mind, that working a giggy kind of life might mean that you can take a week/month/year out to zone out/travel/study/eat ice cream; it might put a different spin on the way that you view your career.

Understanding that you are never out of school

Life long learning has never been truer than now. We must firmly appreciate that what we learn today, probably won’t be around or even relevant tomorrow. “Temporary experts” will become the norm, and the ability of an individual to come to grips with a new skill in a short space of time will often take precedence over experience particularly regards more technical skills.

Past knowledge is not as valuable as future potential knowledge. Today, the relevance being an expert and having vast experience on Blackberry devices, the fax machine or an ipod is probably zero. In our business we love a new/potential co-worker who says “I have no idea, but I give me 2 hours/days/weeks and I will know!”

Strong motivation to embrace change

Change what? Everything! Jobs, devices, technologies, approaches, mentality, opinions, habits, location, socks. Everything! Not all those things might change, but if any of them, and more do, it shouldn’t come as a shock as in “I never expected that!”

Networking and contact building

It’s probably safe to say that most of us on a personal level are not great at keeping up with our influential/important/interesting/innovative contacts on a strictly personal level, even though we might do it well on behalf of the company on whose behalf we are working. As a giggy person you will need to keep those networks and contacts well-refreshed!

What has all that got to do with Clools?

Well you may not have specifically been thinking that, but we will tell you anyway. Oracle or Saleforce experience and knowledge in today’s world are today highly rated skills. They are just two in a range of a highly sellable tool set that are very applicable to today’s world. Your ability to bring new approaches, new thinking into your giggy employers’ lives will be vastly appreciated. One day you might be adding Clools to that great skill set; Clools is most definitely a great tool for giggy people. That is where we would like to be – as a skill on giggy people’s résumés!


If you look around
The whole world’s coming together now.
Can you feel it,can you feel it,can you feel it!
Feel it in the air
The wind is taking it everywhere.
Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!

Cue to jump on your desk and strut your stuff (easier for virtual workers …) and embrace your upcoming giggy life in the gig economy.

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