The Italian language is the language of poets and lovers, of opera and art. It’s also the language of good food, fabulous wines and cutting-edge fashion. So that means we are in amazing company right, because Italian is also the language of Clools!

Stay cool! No-one has to learn Italian to use Clools

Even though Italian is apparently the 4th most studied language in the world, we decided against creating our productivity/workflow suite in our mother tongue. We understand that it’s so hip to be able to follow your Tiramisù recipe direct from the original in Italian, and chat with the third generation Sicilian waiter in your local Italian eatery (he won’t understand a word you say by the way!) in lingo, but Italian, as least for non-Italians, should be the language of love, lust, lyrics and larder luxuriousness (wine and food – which inconveniently don’t begin with “L”s).

It could perhaps appear as a negative that we actually programme in Italian. You see when we programme, we have to think. Hard. And thinking really hard in a foreign language is just too hard. So we develop Clools in Italian, and when it’s looking good, we translate.

Great, so Clools is all in the English then!

You’d think, huh?! Let’s say it is for about 95%. But every now and again something a bit weird might turn up and surprise you.

random italian words
Some genuine Italian words that got overlooked plus some pretty hit and miss translations!

Obviously these ones we have fixed, since we found them. But there might be some others that pop out and bring some light relief into your day.

What to do when a cross-cultural event occurs

  • stay calm
  • try and read it out loud, practice some rolling of the Rs
  • note where the event is located (on the SaaS itself, on the website, in the newsletter?)
  • have some fun with Google translate or your bad translator of choice (if you have a genuine Italian grandmother/neighbour/co-worker to hand, even better!) and give it a go
  • tell us! (where it’s located and what your suggestion is)
  • reward yourself with your favourite Italian indulgence of choice (food, wine, gelato, Ferragamo, Prada, Ferrari, Nutella …)
  • if your translation is a good one we will reward you with an honourable mention in our next newsletter

Grazie e arrivederci!

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