Cloolsers are high level performers

People who already demand an exacting standard from themselves and their work colleagues. Clools will not make inefficient people efficient. Sorry but it won’t. A true Cloolser already has a desire for efficiency, great organisational skills and is prepared to work in a totally transparent way (no more hiding behind that “oh yeah, I am on to that, it’s in a file on my desktop, about 90% complete, I’ll be making that public later”).

Cloolsers are total team players

Clools is a fabulous tool if you are prepared to share and be honest. And so is everyone in your team. If you have workers on your team who will tend to “opt out” with private files, a physical address book, separate to-do lists and DIY Excel sheets, this is not going to work. If on the other hand your team already works with all necessary knowledge available at a click, thrives on knowing the status quo of ongoing projects and tasks, and is not afraid to bare the good, the bad and the downright ugly, then we are “cooking on gas“!

Cloolsers aren’t particularly impressed by great graphics

We really do work hard on UX/UI of our productivity suite. But we definitely lean towards functionality and not aesthetics. Clools is really not particularly beautiful. Who remembers the clinical, non-frilly, rather uninspiring layout of Google Reader back in the day? Well, that’s kind of Clools. We don’t mean to compare Clools to a great service that then shut down in a negative way, (that would be shooting ourselves in foot right?) but just to say, the real beauty of Clools is on the inside!

Cloolsers are kind of net-geeky

A true Cloolser is definitely internet-savvy, has probably worked on a few SaaS applications in the past. Also having an analytical and critical mind would be a great plus and some at least basic HTML skills would be a marvellous additional tool.

Cloolsers are fascinated by Italy

keep calm and speak Italian

We mean, who isn’t? We are lucky enough to live in this beautiful land of great food, divine wines, spectacular scenery, centuries-old culture and (yes it’s true) the fourth most studied language in the world.  So we run an Instagram account that has nothing to do with our SaaS application and everything to do with what is wonderful in Italy – the kind of place to check into when your day is grey and dull and you are seeking a little inspiration. And every now and again the odd Italian word might pop up with the application itself – that’s really fun right? You might even have a stab a translating it yourself and enrich your Italian vocabulary (before telling us about it so that we can correct it – thanks for that!).



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