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When you decide the take the plunge and join us at Clools, you will immediately be faced with a difficult decision. Do you hop on board with the tried and tested Clools modules /Zup) or be brave and go with the Beta version?

(If you care to read about the somewhat random choice of the word Zup for our tried and tested environment, please step this way).

What’s the difference?


Zup Beta
Less Clools modules from which to chose. More Clools modules from which to chose.
The Clools modules are tried and tested and (mostly!) bug free! The Clools modules are state-of-the-art and exciting (and maybe a bit buggy and hiccuppy!)
We listen to and appreciate all your feedback, and will act on it where it makes really good sense. We thrive on your feedback and depend on it to shape the finished Clool module – you get to shape the final version that goes to Zup.


For example, at the time of writing this post, we have just four modules in Zup and nine in Beta, and those extra modules are really awesome, but there might be the odd disconnect, a random word or three still in Italian (our programming language and the language of poetry, opera and really great recipes – don’t you forget that!), and a dud link or several. We work on Beta to run our own company and we are still here, so things can’t be too bad! 

If you chose Zup, we do understand really. But if you choose Beta you have our undying admiration for the centuries to come and the love of our prodigy for at least several generations and we will offer you a real Italian gelato the next time you are in Florence. Really, you are very, very cool.

So there you have it. What kind of Clooler are you?

NB – we probably should mention this further up in the post, but once you sign-up for one or the other you are locked in for life! Ok that is not quite true, but it is NOT currently possible to transfer between environments retaining any data uploaded. If you switch environments, you start from scratch.

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