Way to go! (not) when answering “what are you selling?”

what are you selling
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It’s a bummer. But it’s also really helpful advice. If we can’t explain our product to a web/SaaS savvy person, what hope do we have of explaining it to potential customers who are obviously not going to put so much effort into understanding it as Robert did.

It’s one of the (many) problems of living, breathing, eating, sleeping with your “new baby” 24/7, and the consequent total inability to take a step back and realise it is not all blindingly obvious. “What are you selling?” needs a short, precise and easy to understand reply. We apparently haven’t got one of those.

Quora is a fabulous world, with skilled and experienced people who are willing to take 10 minutes out of their day (just like Robert did) to impart utterly invaluable information to those who seek it. Not only are we not shy in coming forward and asking for help, we very much intend to listen hard to the answers. We’ll start with listening to Robert’s “I don’t get it” and work tirelessly to make sure that we never hear that particular comment again. We’re good to hear others that will bum us out too, but we just don’t want to hear this one again.


Thanks Quora-people who are so willing to help. With each answer, we acquire another mini-investment in our endeavour to build something VITAL.

what are you selling 2
We might have found us a great descriptive word – watch this space, it’s a work-in-progress situation …

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