You know those pesky emails and that boring monthly newsletter from various stores, restaurants, companies, etc. that you definitely regret subscribing to? You do? We thought so. Well now, Clools kind of (not really) intends to be one of them! While we won’t be pesky or bothersome, the people of this great, big world can now have a little dose of Clools in their inbox, totally regret-free.

Introducing the Clools Newsletter! In an effort to keep you lovely people in the loop, we’ve decided to do a monthly(ish) newsletter highlighting all things Clools. Recent updates, bits of knowledge about what we do, silly stuff, basically everything you could want in a newsletter. Just think of it as a little glimpse into the Cloud we’re constantly raving about.

This month (Jan. 2016), for example, is about our recent transition to “Zup,” a little bit about the Cloud, and, as previously promised, a tad bit of tomfoolery!

There are two ways you can sign-up to receive our groundbreaking, earth-shattering news: via our Facebook page or by clicking here!

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