What exactly does that mean and is “integratable” even a word?

“Integratable” doesn’t actually sound quite right and is not listed in many a dictionary. The question about its validity as a real word is hotly contested.  But we are going to defend our use of it, not via citing a great grammatical, lexical or historical linguistic instance, but simply by stating what we mean by it. Perhaps this post will be cited in future dictionaries as stating the early definition of “integratable”. So many other countries have had their turn in redefining the English language. It’s about time Italy had a bash at it!

“Integratable” – possessing the capacity to be fully integrated, but perfectly operational as a standalone function.

Our three basic Clools (Home, Contact, Extras) are your kick-off package to a whole world of integratable Clools. Each single vertical Clool that you purchase, that has its own specific function (task management, link management, things to “know” about the company and “difficult issues” management, with lots more on the way!) but as you add to your Clools tool set, each tool can communicate horizontally with the other Clools!

What are the benefits of the “integratability”

We are on a roll here in defining new words!

SaaS products are a great way for businesses to move forward. We have spoken at length about the various benefits that SaaS products can bring to a business. One of them is great long-term cost benefits when compared to developing and maintaining bespoke software, or even purchasing “off the shelf” software and undertaking subsequent personalisation, plus upgrades etc.

But think about it. One SaaS for task management, one for CRM, one for invoicing, one for client database management, one for worker chats, one for a work calendar, one for time tracking etc. You get the idea. Each time a new great business function SaaS appears on the market you might just need that one too.

Costs will soon be substantial for so many tools. And worse. None of the tools can talk across cyberspace to each other. Actually that is not quite fair. Some SaaS products now are being developed with the possibility of limited integration with defined partner tools. Some SaaSes, some partners. 

Clools on the other hand is native in integration. It was born with full integration capabilities across the individual functions already in its DNA. Integration is no after-thought here!

As the Clools functions grow and multiply your business can keep on track via a single productivity suite that actually is capable of taking care of every single aspect of your business.

And what’s more, if you get on board early we are very likely to listen to your specific needs and requirements which might help shape the future Clools that we develop.

Let us help you out with an example

A possible information flow within integratable Clools modules

Can you imagine?

There is a very real possibility that in using Clools

  • the right content may be posted to the right social media channel using the correct hashtag/s
  • and no one ever asking you a question

If like us you are frustrated by inefficiency and 85 million questions a day which normally arrive just as you have your brain wrapped around some hugely difficult issue which you are just beginning to dominate and then your colleague pops their head into your office space and says “just a quick question – about that task, which brand and which hashtags I should use” and WHOOSH you just saw all your great thoughts on that issue fly out of the window.

However if you suffer from loneliness fully integratable Clools might not be for you.

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