sharing in milanTeamwork and sharing. We’ve all been hearing about it since the beginning of time. Share your toys with your brother, let your classmate borrow your pencil, don’t hog the ball. However, what a many of us don’t realise is the importance of teamwork in the “real world” too. Or maybe we do realise the importance of it, but we just find it so difficult to do! We here at Clools love teamwork (it’s taken a few knocks and bumps along the way to get this advanced stage of enlightenment, but we’re here!). We understand that collaboration is key, so we make sure it’s part of our everyday life. We bounce ideas off each other, ask for help when we’re stuck, we use each other to “work smarter, not harder” (not that we don’t work hard) as we would say in my native USA . What’s the point of having co-workers and being on a team when you can’t rely on each other for help?

Many people still scoff at the idea of teamwork, not realizing just how helpful it can be. There is a plethora of benefits to working as a team. They have a correlated, almost trickle-down effect on team members that can last for a significant amount of time. Perhaps the most overarching impact teamwork can have is that it really can reduce competition and it promotes cohesion. Instead of pitting colleagues against each other seeing who can come up with the best pitch, having them all be accountable for the end result will motivate them to work together. Increased and improved communication, a sense of camaraderie, and increased tolerance are all fostered by teamwork. Additionally, flexibility and increased openness to change are also long-term benefits provided by teamwork.

Because we use and advocate for teamwork, we designed our tools to do the same. One of the things we love most about our tools is how easy they make sharing. Sharing anything -pictures, ideas, drafts, projects, contacts – the possibilities are endless. We like to think the more your employees know, the more they can give to the business. And since the point of having employees is so they can give to the business, making that easier for them is a logical move. One of the purposes of our tools is to keep the entire team on the same page. No matter if it’s a new idea, company policy, or contact, Clools will keep everyone in the loop very easily so long as everyone shares and wants to be part of the team. If there is someone who doesn’t share or who doesn’t want to be on the team (yep we are looking at you Manager/Director/Big Boss), Clools’ fullest potential won’t be used, nor will your employees’!

In short, your parent, kindergarten teacher, and coach all had a point when they told you to share. Being part of a team is a beneficial, helpful way to get things done. Especially when Clools are involved.


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