Shut your eyes (just a bit, ‘cos you need to keep reading this!)

italy countryThink Italy.

We bet that you thought fashion, gelato, sun, very hot men and women, sunglasses, old old buildings, loads of art made by a bunch of dead guys.

Think Florence.

We bet that you thought of The Renaissance, the amazing Duomo, Michelangelo, more very hot men and women, Prada, Gucci, and Ferragamo, more gelato, and more history than you would know what to do with.

But did you think innovative cloud business tools? Or liquid organization? Or virtual tools for virtual businesses?

We didn’t think so.

Perhaps you should. Perhaps you should look at Italy in a whole different way. Allow us to illuminate you.

Florence, Italy. The birthplace of the Renaissance, the most populous city in Tuscany, and a prime holiday spot for millions of tourists every year. With a rich backstory, Florence has become Italy - david michelangelointernationally recognized for its plethora of art, culture, and history. From the Medici family’s rule to the fashion, Florence has no shortage of stories to tell. A large part of these stories involve marvellous ingenuity and cutting edge lifestyles.

Most people probably associate Italy and Florence with things like olive oil, espresso, and gelato. Not that those are bad things (the Clools team survives on the last two), but this country has a lot more to offer. Italy has long been considered an “old school” country. One could stay a stereotype of the Italian lifestyle is that it heavily maintains traditional ways of life and it doesn’t seek out change maybe as quickly as other first-world countries. While this is true to a some extent, Clools as you will discover flies in the face of tradition, goes against the tide, is a fly in the ointment, gathers no moss, dares, challenges the establishment and generally turns upside-down and inside-out. There just might be much more to Italy that meets the eye. Watch out!

During the mid 1400s the Gutenberg press was invented, which allowed ideas to be spread more quickly and farther than before. Well, think of the internet as the modern-day Gutenberg printing press. New virtual services and platforms like blogging, social media, and of course, cloud computing, permit is to easily share our ideas with everyone. I can easily share notes with my team, tweet, or post a blog for you read. Ideas can be shared quickly and easily with one person or the masses, and feedback is instantaneous.

It’s no secret the Renaissance was all about art. From Da Vinci to Michelangelo, art enjoyed a starring role during that time period. While the Clools team may not be made up of world-renowned artists, we’ve been known to try our hand at modern-day art (if you can call it that). Instead of painting masterpieces we post pictures on Instagram (LG and Samsung on Android are our tools of choice – no drying time involved). While taking a quick shot of some beautiful Tuscan clouds may not be the same as executing the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, it’s a fast and effective way to communicate. It allows us to get a specific message across on a specific channel to a specific bunch of people. Much like Pope Julius II did when commissioning the Sistine Chapel; a space for special meetings, Papal enclaves and the like to a small and privileged bunch of people. He was definitely using the wall space to get a message across.

Italy - sistine chapel

The internet era is a second Renaissance of sorts. The ease with which we can communicate across countries, continents, and time zones means that ideas, concepts, etc spread like the plague, or potentially go “viral.” The word “renaissance” means “rebirth” in French. During the actual Renaissance, art, science, lifestyles, and methods of thinking were all changing and growing. Well now during what we are dubbing the second Renaissance, those same things are still changing and growing. Clools means to be a driving part of that on the business organisation front. While the subject focus may not strictly be on art and science as they were during the first Renaissance, on today’s lists we definitely have creativity and technology

The Clools environment is a forward-thinking one. Gone is the traditional concept of “a place for everything and everything in its place”. The very word “place” becomes highly nebulous in our cloud world. The basic building blocks for the entire platform are cutting-edge ones, which are continually up-graded for greater building powers, higher peripheral integration, increased flexibility and some secret magical powers. We like to think of it as creativity and technology on steroids.

And our business is located on a cloud that hovers just over Florence, Italy, the cradle of the Renaissance. What better place for a cloud?

Think again about Italy. We might have widened your horizons

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