Having finally “come out of the closet” with our potentially world-changing cloud tool set, we had to determine a “right and proper” second level domain name, with all the usual characteristics of a truly great domain name: short, memorable, descriptive, coherent and interesting. (And let’s face it, we had to get rid of the dumb second level name we had done all our testing on, thought of in a split second a couple of years ago).

The usual “aZUPpp” and “web” (used by the great and powerful in the web world) left us with no enthusiasm, they are certainly not interesting. Our communication style is a little different we wanted our domain name to reflect that. Some of the most incredible drivel that we write on our business chats (we live in a virtual world remember) are post-dinner, kids in bed, when we are all physically and mentally tired. But just sometimes a literal pearl is created. That happened last week.

Now if you all spoke Italian we could copy the exact conversation here, but as that is not likely and we fear that the original conversation will lose something in translation, but brainstorming by Google Hangout late at night after having consumed wine is to be recommended as a sound business technique. We use it often. And we got it, by George, we got it!

“What’s up?”. Coined by Bugs Bunny in the 1940s and messed with by Millenniums in the 2000s, versions vary greatly, but the essential meaning is always the same; what’s happening, how’s it hanging, what’s going down, what are you doing, how are feeling?

zup urban dictionary

Poopa said it just fine in the Urban Dictionary, (a long time ago in 2003 – wonder what Poopa is doing now …)

But for us, with our Tuscan and Italian heritage Zup also are the first three letters of one of our greatest dishes: zuppa.

Our zuppe (zuppa is the singular, and zuppe the plural) are thick, wholesome steaming plates of hearty goodness containing basic ingredients such as spelt, barley, dry bread, pasta united with mighty flavours such as tomato, kale, chickpeas, cannellini beans, onions, carrots, cabbage, leeks, carrots all slow cooked together in stock for an extremely dense amazingly flavourful rich zuppa, finished off with a dash of extra virgin olive oil.


So ZUP it is – it was love at first sight. We found a simple three letter word that embodied two fundamental concepts of Clools perfectly.

  • Zup? What’s going on in your business? Clools knows.
  • Zup? Fabulous basic ingredients, perfectly integrated, working together for a complete and satisfying experience. Clools is the pefect zuppa!

If you join us on our Clools cloud you will have the awesome experience of accessing the platform via zup.clools.biz.

Zup people? Zuppa on your mind now? 🙂


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