It’s really quite true. At the very heart of Clools is the team; without a great team Clools doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of solving any of your business problems.

You see businesses are really made of just three things; people, rules and goals. The people in question need to obey (and create) rules that apply to all and are supported by all, and of course much the same goes for the goals. There is no room for personal agendas in a successful company. And Clools is built on that premise. We have made some considerably large assumptions in building Clools and look forward to you confirming that our risk-taking was carefully calculated and will pay off in the future.

What are our assumptions? Well, let’s take a look:

  • everyone in the entire business will be Clooling
  • it is better for the well-being of the company if most people know most things
  • Cloolers are internet-savvy and efficiency-hungry
  • Cloolers are interested in making Clools even better via feedback

Are we crazy? We don’t think so.

Everyone a Clooler

Is there anyone in your business who does anything that is really unimportant? That is of no consequence to anyone else? That won’t affect anyone else? We thought so. If a business decides to Clool then the whole business must Clool together. It is sometimes phenomenally useful that distinct teams have an idea of what other teams are working on, helping everyone to see the big picture.

A little privacy is a necessary evil

However, Sheila in accounts doesn’t really need to know that you are talking to personnel about disciplinary action, and the interns don’t need to see so much stuff that they get confused and do nothing except stare at the screen in bewilderment. Clools makes sure that you can have just the right amount of control to get everyone involved in exactly what they need to be involved in.

If you are going to Clool then you need to know about the cloud

No business is going to jump from using handwritten ledgers, faxes and photocopy machines, or even Microsoft Office to join us at Clools. Not going to work. You will need to be on first name terms with the cloud to make this relationship work, you might even have a penchant for liquid organisation, powerful filters, short/middle/long-term planning and you will definitely adore change – we update Clools regularly!

Clools is effectively … erm … beta version forever!

We cannot envisage that it will ever happen that one day we can look up from our screens and say “finally, it’s done”. No way. We very much do envisage that we will receive a ton of feedback (nicely written, without too much swearing!) that will help us improve the current version, give us ideas for new modules and help us develop personalised modules for individual clients.

So, what do you think? Are we crazy, or are you businesses really out there?


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