fish fingers and nutella
Fish fingers and nutella

Laughter is a powerful thing. It can give someone a moment of relief during sadness or bring someone out of a state of anger. As unfortunate as it may be, I laugh when I’m nervous or during uncomfortable situations (flashback to when I was 16 and I was nervously laughing and making jokes during the funeral of my mom’s recently deceased cat; I can’t help it!). As humans, we bond over it. We cry because of it. We need it. Working in a virtual office and spending our days more or less alone makes us at Clools need it even more and we certainly have no shortage of it. We tell jokes, poke fun at each other and ourselves, and regale one another humorous stories of our past. We have inside jokes (note the title), sassy comebacks, and lot of sarcasm. There’ve been several times I’ve almost spit tea my on computer laughing at something someone has said.

The laughing/crying smile emoji is one that we use frequently.

We need something besides espresso to get us through the day. It’s a busy, chaotic, funny, laughter-filled life we live.

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