Well, October 21 has come and gone and unless someone is keeping a huge secret, there were no sightings of Doc Brown or Marty. *Sigh* I remember when I saw Back to the Future Part II for the first time. I was 10 and my mom was out of town for a few days, leaving my father to care for myself and my older brother. We always knew what to expect when dad was in charge. Lots of pizza, extra chores, and plenty of tomfoolery. This occasion was no different. Once the chores were done and the tomfoolery had, my dad, my brother, and I sat down in front of the TV with our calorie and cholesterol-laden feast. Flipping through the channels for a movie, we tuned in just in time for a Back to the Future marathon. We watched all three of them at once and I was hooked. I couldn’t wait for 2015! And now, over a decade later, Part I and II still remain two of my favorite movies (Part III, eh). Marty McFly was so adorably dreamy and Doc Brown was the quirky uncle I’ve always wanted.

We’re almost 11 months into 2015 and sadly, whoever predicted the future for the films was sorely mistaken in some aspects. We’ve no hoverboards, no fly cars (probably for the better), no self-lacing shoes, and the Cubs didn’t win the World Series yesterday. Despite these heartbreaks, 2015 has exponentially more to offer than the film covered, one of these things being cloud computing. In the 1980s, Internet was almost exclusively used by the military and the government. Google and Facebook were distant thoughts, as was the use of Cloud servers for a small marketing business in Italy. But thankfully, we’re no longer in the 1980s and I’m sitting in my freezing Florence apartment typing this blog using the Cloud.

Recall the scene in the film when future Marty gets fired. His boss sends him several faxes reinforcing his new employment status. I don’t remember the last time I saw someone send a fax. With the invention of email, fax use decreased, and now with the Cloud, instantaneous sharing is possible (we here at Clools do plenty of it).

Something else that comes to mind from the movie was when Marty was in the 80s Cafe and there were no servers; Marty even ordered his Pepsi Perfect from a TV screen. This was something that the movie got partially right. While people are by no means obsolete, machines and technology are becoming more used and more powerful. Clools is a prime example of this. I would never say that people don’t put a considerable amount of work into Clools because we do, especially our amazing founders, but having machines and tech certainly makes it easier. Take the Contact Tool for example. Sure, somebody initially needs to put the contact into the Tool, but once that’s done, the Cloud takes over. No more rolodexes or filing cabinets full of contact information. Because of the Contact Tool and the Cloud, all of that vital information is neatly and safely stored in a server. The up-coming PowWow Tool works similarly but instead of organizing and storing contacts, it conveniently and nicely organizes new ideas, proposals, suggestions, etc. No more picking through an overfilled filing cabinet or struggling to remember the idea Mary brought up at last week’s meeting. This is thanks to one important thing Marty and Doc never saw: Clools.

Despite how amazing Bback to the futureack to the Future Part II is, it’s no secret how grossly over- and underestimated 2015 was. One can’t help but think about how handy Doc Brown would’ve found Clools when he was building the DeLorean and gallivanting around time.


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