Well let’s be honest, what company is it nowadays that is not focused around its list of contacts? Contacts not just clients. Sure clients are important but a business is usually made up from a whole network of contacts including:

  • confirmed clients
  • hot and cold leads
  • suppliers
  • freelancers/consultants
  • banks
  • local councils
  • the local Italian sandwich bar with great espresso and it delivers!
  • and a thousand other categories particular to each business

Something that has always driven us crazy in the past are the limited field numbers in the average Contact Manager. Since when has a company only had one address, or three email addresses? Or how crazy does it make us when our Contact Manager of choice doesn’t permit us to come out of the closet and ad



mit that we do talk to our clients on Messenger and Whatsapp? And how infuriating is it when a single client with a single address actually owns two different brands, associated with two different contracts requiring different (and distinguishable) management, yet your Contact Manager assumes one client, one brand, one contract, one set of business values etc?

Yes we have, we’ve got them covered. And more. You see when something is created out of frustration it tends to be pretty flipping perfect. We have thought of every single issue that drove us crazy and then some more that might potentially drive us crazy and squidged them all into one cute little package. And even better news is that we are flexible and open to more ideas.  We’ve summed it up as follows:

Increasing frustration over time combined with massive business experience both in bad contact management and bad contact managers plus a smattering of scary stone-cold logic and a pinch of “if only” imagination is at the heart of each Clool. And each Clool that we make is “putty in your hands” waiting to be moulded just the way you like it.

We are off to tweak out some of those remaining Italian words that have snuck into the English version and we should be ready to let you into our Clools world. And once in, we don’t think you will ever want to leave!

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