Emily’s first day working at Clools as an intern

The first days are usually the worst. Anxiety, awkwardness, not knowing what’s going on. It can be stressful, overwhelming, and scary. I’ve had a lot of first days in my young life. Plenty of first days of school, first days of a couple jobs, first day as a brunette when I colored my hair in 10th grade. I expected my first day as the newest member of the Clools team to be no different. Still not really understanding what the Cloud is, I felt slightly unprepared and like I was about to be in over my head.

As far as I knew, my primary responsibilities as an intern would include (but not be limited to) blogging and social media, two things I’m not at all opposed to. Working with Clools isn’t my first internship, but I still couldn’t escape the first day jitters.

I woke up early and logged onto my computer around 9:30ish, not even needing to be online until around 10. And so I sat… and stewed. What began as excitement and just a twinge of nervousness, grew into much more than a twinge as I sat watching the clock and waiting for that familiar “ding” indicating I had an email.  9:59 10:00… 10:03 and ding! My heart skipped a beat (or several) and my day began. What I expected to be a whirlwind of confusion and terror, was actually calm and organized, aka, just how I like things. Suzi gave me a couple tasks at a time and nicely walked me through the more complicated ones.

Before I knew it, three hours has passed and I was being forced to go to lunch. Fast-forward an hour to right now. With an apple and prosciutto sandwich in my stomach, I’m eager to get back to work. I want to believe everyday will be like today, but then a little voice kicks in, making me question my mental stability. Am I in a gelato and wine-induced Italian delusion or will this experience really be Cloud Nine?

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