We are not hiding the fact that we are Italian. Why would we? Well, ok, there have been some embarrassing bunga bunga moments we know, but generally speaking we are known for our design, creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and all with just the right touch of random craziness. Not to forget of course our fuel; great Italian food and wine, ice cream and of course espresso coffee.

Anyway, to get to the point, we think in Italian, we create in Italian. And then we translate (via real people, not Google Translate) to English. And that is a sheer pleasure; English is generally shorter, more focused, more flexible and simply more manageable. Whereas Italy is the land of saints, poets and navigators (of seas, not the web!) Anglo-speaking countries tend to be the lands of people who issue concise, clear instructions that are easily understood, eat really badly and dress like tramps.

But that’s ok, we can do the food and clothes. Just lend us your language every now and again.

Today however, the whole “English is a superbly concise and manageable language” completely unravelled for us. We have a Basic Tool called Contacts (which unsurprisingly manages all contacts – people and businesses) and another called Contracts (which equally unsurprisingly manages all contracts between the home company and their clients). Just one little letter “r” makes a whole load of difference.

We have confused ourselves while coding, labelling, talking, task assigning and in countless other moments. And we figured, if we get confused, you might too.

In Italian we solved the “contatti/contratti” problem really swiftly with the snazzy “rubrica/contratti” labels, “rubrica” literally being “address book”. But 12 characters is way too long for our navigation bar. So one of my colleagues came up with the AB tool (Address Book Tool).

Maybe we are old, but if some says “AB” are you really not going to say “C” and then break out in some Jackson moves?


Yup we thought as much. So we went through various other possibilities; “network”, “connection” and even “relationship” – all too long and just not right. So we have settled on NAB. We found this by searching on the web and although not perfect, it is short, it’s not completely silly and it apparently stands for Name and Address Book which is kind of relevant. So now we have the NAB Tool.

Linguistic suggestions (regards any area of Clools) are of course kindly received.

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