An ambitious project that has been over two years in the making, but we are now just about ready (is anyone or any company really, truly, ready, ever?) for the launch of our first two modules.

Clools (we don’t really have to explain that do we?) is the expression of our frustration in working inefficiently and being unable to find adequate tools in the market place that were a good fit with our cloud company operations.

We worked so hard to create a great web-based tool that solved many (but not all) of our problems, and it just seemed mean to keep that tool all to ourselves. So we aren’t, we are sharing.

The first two modules to make an appearance will be our Do Tool and our Link Tool: the first to help you make sure that you and your colleagues are always on top of  the craziness that dominates all our work-lives,  and the second to make sure that you can quickly and efficiently deal with all those tens of great and useful links that come your way each day.

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