Zup (a rather wild name choice for a second domain level, but it made perfect sense to us) is a comfortable and safe place to be. It's where we release Clools modules that have been tried and tested, debugged and generally placed under the highest stress levels, and they are still standing.

Zup is kind of like an amazing Tuscan soup made from a recipe passed from generation to generation for a few centuries. Some tweaks here and there, but the basic recipe is robust, and almost carved in stone.

What's great about Zup?

  1. almost a risk-free environment, everything works just fine
  2. new Clools are not released onto Zup until that have been thoroughly tested (and have totally traumatised) by our beta testers

And the bad?

  • there are a limited number of Clools available at any one time
  • there might be some great new function that you need on a particular Clool, but it's still in Beta and you are going to have to wait ...




Some of us like living on the wild side. Who wouldn't like to drive a coastal road in a Pagani Zonda? We know it's risky, and occasionally a bit scary, but it's worth it for the experience. Welcome to Beta Clools! A bit buggy, occasionally over-excited, possibly temperamental but, oh, the sheer joy of the experience is incomparable.

What's great about Beta?

  • extra choice of new Clools modules that are unavailable on the Zup version
  • additional/improved functions on Clools modules that are available on Zup, but only in the tried and tested versions
  • you get to give us you very personal and invaluable feedback which we will listen hard to and probably act on

And the bad?

  • a new release might have a bug or three, or cause a minor dilemma across in another Clool (hey, integrated is cool, but it has some drawbacks too!)

And the great again?

  • we run our own business within our Clools Beta environment, and we are looking pretty good - if that isn't high incentive to get things up and running smoothly, we don't know what is!



You may have heard, we make some pretty good wine in Italy. It's a long process, dependent on care of the vines, the state of the soil, the climatic conditions. Usually hard work and some luck from the environment produces some incredible vintages. That's just what we do here in "fermenting" our new Clools; lots of hard work and a little bit of luck combined give rise to some wonderful results. Although we have to admit, a Clool is generally easier and marginally less time consuming to produce than an excellent vintage wine.

Oh no! We are not going to let anybody in on these! But via our website and social we will be keeping you up to date on what we are currently working on, and release dates. Just so that you know what is in the pipeline and give us any additional brilliant ideas if you have some.